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R's Day Spotlight: Raul's Calsonic HR31 Skyline

A couple weekends ago we had the opportunity to attend R’s Day at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California and man, it didn’t disappoint. Of course there were Kenmeri and Hakosuka, R34 we’ll just assume are totally legal, and floods of R32 and 33, but Raul’s 31 stood out to us.

(P.S. here’s more photos from the rest of R’s Day via DrivingLine if you’re interested)

Draped in a full Calsonic livery wrap and dropped on small Watanabes, the car has a real presence even when flanked by a 34 and 33.

All around the car, the design queues of yesteryear shine brightly. The chunky rear spoiler, electronic retractable chin spoiler*, and squared off body lines (when compared to it’s 3 younger siblings) scream of late 80s-early 90s car design.

*The chin spoiler was at it’s peak when Wild Cards visited the Hoonigan Doughnut Garage, check the vid if you haven’t seen it yet.

The little exterior details had a swarm of photographers circling this car nearly all day.

The interior was just as good, little things changed here and there but nothing that throws off the aesthetic.

Overall Raul’s 31 has come a fair way from it’s all-white origins, and I’m excited to see where he takes it after posting the R31 House Skyline from Tokyo Auto Salon, so expect to see a full feature if/when something crazy goes down with the build.

Until next time, hope you enjoyed.