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Southrnfresh 7: Part 2

Hopefully by now you’ve laid eyes on Kirt’s gallery from SF7 (if you haven’t, get on it!) but there’s no such thing as too many cool car photos, especially at an event with such a diverse attendance as SF7. To kick things off, Jordan’s G55 on Formula Wheels wrapped in Nitto Ridge Grapplers was an absolute monolith parked next to the Southrnfresh booth. The JL Audio install in the back was absolutely perfect.

Parked next to the AMG was Fuadh’s Accord wagon. With it’s immaculate engine bay and leather interior, the Accord absolutely earned it’s parking spot in every way - even with about $100,000 difference in original MSRP between the two.

Around our booth was a veritable stable of radness with everything from the ATL JDM Cappuccino, Alex’s freshly repainted EF, and Dax’s 180SX to Josh and Andy’s Oddy and LS400. While they’re all certainly differing in amount of aftermarket modification, they’re all pretty shining examples of different categories of japanese imports.

Of course it’d be criminal to not shoot black cars when it rained a bit, so here are those! Lucas’s static Aristo and Darris’s Y33 are just absolute 10/10’s.

Stoked Joseph got to bring out the MPVillain! It’s just as neat in person as on IG.

This Celica was rad, and while we’re slightly confused as to why it’s got a GT-R badge, overall the whole thing is cool in our books.

While there were plenty of more flashy cars in attendance, the cohesive aesthetic of this pignose S13 - fitted with small wheels and a single body color (bless) - was a crowd favorite. Also the windows absolutely plastered with decals are fine by us.

Check out below for a couple more of our favorites including Guy Haynie’s Mazdaspeed 3 hatch, Ben’s RB-powered Z, and more.

As always, a huge thanks to Joseph, the rest of Southrnfresh, and everyone who stopped by the booth to say hey, buy stuff, and/or take some of our cheese dip and lil weiners from our snack table. Till next year!