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Scuderia Southwest | July 2018 | Scottsdale, AZ

Every month across the country "Cars and Coffee" events pop up in the early morning hours and bring out car owners and photographers of all stripes. From Huntington Beach's Cars and Coffee gathering of exotics and imports to Atlanta's menagerie of literally anything with an engine and wheels (2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 18?) at Caffeine and Octane, the sun rises golden over parking lots full of pride-and-joy builds. 

Here in Scottsdale, Scuderia Southwest was once a small gathering of Ferrari enthusiasts that grew into something on the order of 400+ cars and probably just as many photographers with any and every camera one can think of. 

Each month gets a theme, and even though this was "Red, White, and Blue" for Independence Day, there was way more to see than denim-shorts-wearin' Corvette dads that took up swaths of the lot. For instance, this Viper ACR was killer. The green paint and aggressive aero just begged for a photo.

A few spots away was this pair, a little more "on brand" for the event - twinning Ford GTs swirling in whirlwinds of visitors all morning. Luckily my "stand and wait, the shot will come" technique actually worked and I grabbed a couple snaps before jumping back into the crowd.

Of course, this being Average Squad, we have to check out the Japanese area and it didn't disappoint. You don't really think JDM when you think Arizona, but if you keep your eyes open they're definitely there! This NSX is hands down one of the cleanest examples I've come across, which is saying something considering just how many you see in California at Wekfest/AutoCon/SpoCom etc. It's way up on the to-shoot list here in Arizona.

Not 5 spots away was this babin' Datsun 2000, sitting pretty against the greenery backdrop.

This Cressida was a prime example with it's two-tone and kit, and we'd love to shoot it (obviously) for a full feature sometime. If you know em, tell em!

Will's Team Overstyle S13 Vert reflected damn near the entire desert sun, making photos a fun challenge but obviously very worth it. Seeing it parked in a car show setting was somewhat jarring considering the last time I saw it was Vegas Drift door-to-door with his teammates and Forrest Wang.

This lil bucket was a neat build, with a modern wheel and tire package and aircooled VW powerplant out rear.

Last up is this gorgeous chopped and extended Plymouth Concord Roadster. The blacked out front fascia, shaved body, and extended rear deck really pulled it into something resembling a land-faring submarine. Even with shadows from the neighboring cars, a pet-peeve of mine, the rear angle was still worth it. The pin striping around the entire body topped off with the custom sunset AZ plates was just a sight to behold.

Alright, this is the actual last one. Promise. This Urban Assault Vehicle (queue Limp Bizkit) was wholly unlike anything else at the meet. Watching it roll past Will's S13 was hilarious. Anyways, thanks for looking, more next month!