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Leon Casino's 1993 Acura NSX

Talk to any photographer nowadays and you'll probably hear about their backlog at some point. A shoot that didn't get edited, or got moved to a different hard drive that needs to be plugged back in to publish, and so on. Sometimes, like with this shoot, the feature fell through with a publication and you aren't quite sure what to do. Well today we're gonna send it like Larry Enticer because Leon's NSX is too dang good to let it sit on a dusty hard drive.

We met in a spot that, up until that point, hadn't been used all too much in published car shoots. The sound of Leon's NSX could be heard reverberating between the dockside buildings and shipping containers, bringing the nearby security by once before realizing we were just taking some photos and not up to anything. I suspect they just wanted a better look.

Having only seen this NSX once or twice before, and both times at car shows, it was striking to see just how much of a presence the car demanded when parked on it's own. The all black body - fitted with wide overfenders and Falken-branded APR wing - fits perfectly with the Sorcery front bumper, one-off front splitter, and rear diffuser Leon made himself. 

The TC105N Wedsports work perfectly with the black finish, really helping advance the GT look without becoming distracting.

Moving around the car really drives home just how great the NSX looks, and the modifications Leon has chosen accentuate the factory body lines perfectly while leaving no question as to how modified the car is.


The interior is well-kempt and tatefully modified, with a pair of P-1 Buddy Clubs and Takata harnesses for the driver and passenger.

As the sun sank and dinner plans were made for the evening, I had to grab two more shots before we headed out. The first was of this angle, because everyone enjoys a good rear end now and again.

And the last shot was of course backlit by the sun dropping behind San Pedro.

Hope you enjoyed!