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Importfest Spotlight 1: Kyle's LS-Powered '67 Widebody Coupe

We here at Average Squad love damn near anything with an engine and wheels. With our range of automotive backgrounds and niches, pretty much everything gets at least a "I appreciate someone is out here doin' the dang thing." Needless to say, all of us were intrigued the first time we saw snapshots of Kyle's Mustang online. I about fell in love.

The first shots I remember seeing showed a blue chopped and slammed Mustang coupe with wheels and tires seemingly mounted outside the body panels with little fenders up top to maintain some sort of driveability. Fast forward to Importfest Toronto and Kyle's Mustang has evolved.

To be honest, I had no idea this was a Canadian build, so when I was walking up to the convention center I was pretty excited to see (and hear) it rolling down the street towards me. Double excited I got this shot as he rolled past.

Getting back to the car, It'd be easy (and dumb) to dismiss it as another LS-swapped chassis with overfenders, but the longer you look, the more the build reveals different aspects to appreciate. Let's start with the chassis itself. According to Kyle, think of it as less an "LS swapped Mustang" and more of a "body swapped Corvette."

A quick peek in the window reveals an entire cabin full of custom metal work and a tube chassis. Hearing protection hangs from the passenger side bar where a dashboard once was, while a pair of metal seats maintain the no-frills quo.

The fenders house massive wheels and tires, 19x11 -68 front and 20x13 -80 out back. The use of a bright copper face and black lips really emphasize just how much room there is inside a -80 offset 13" wide wheel.

The side profile screams Hot Wheels, so if Mattel could jump on it, that'd be great.

At 395 HP and 353 ft/lb, it doesn't just look interesting - it actually has some numbers (other than the wheel specs) to appreciate.

Of course, this wouldn't be complete without some ground level shots to really get a sense of the width of this car (and the fact that only a few inches of the 13 inch wide rears sit inside the original fenders), so here they are.

It's so good right? I'd love to get a proper shoot together (minus the rough convention center lighting) and maybe get the car on a lift to see just how everything is set up underneath, but unfortunately that'll have to wait until the next time I get to Canada... just like my next fix of ketchup chips and Timbits.

There's a couple bonus shots below (including the rad cantilever suspension across the back window, bummed I missed shooting his front suspension setup but it's just as great) so don't miss those, and stay tuned for a couple more highlights from Importfest 2018 soon!