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Importfest Spotlight 3: Roshane's 1990 300ZX TT

Back when we started Average Squad, we didn't exactly expect it to grow past a couple decals on our friends' cars. A quick afternoon of goofing on the Supreme box logo led to our first decal to hand out to friends and family which was quickly joined by the just-as-hard-to-get Autoholics Anonymous* decal that obviously took a bit more effort.

Fast forward a few years and - in the sea of cars at Importfest - we spot BOTH on a single car.

*(Autoholics Anonymous is a Facebook group and small in-person car meet started back around 2010 or so in Warner Robins, Georgia, from which Average Squad eventually grew).

Needless to say the hype was real and we waited around to meet the owner, Roshane, and checked out his car for a little spotlight. His 1990 300ZX and it's Marlboro livery were hard to miss from first sight during roll-in.

Even under the iffy lighting of the convention hall, the green/white combo just can't be beat. The Stillen front and wide stance really gave the car a planted look without making it look too delicately assembled like some widebody show cars.

Walking around to the rear bolsters the built look, with the quad-tip exhaust, rear diffuser, and wingless hatch bringing together some top notch 90's performance aesthetics and sleek styling.

It's not all looks though, the twin turbo setup is making a conservative 560+ WHP currently. The remaining red finish in the engine bay gives off a little watermelon vibe.

That was a stretch, but this isn't: Roshane has one heck of a build here and we're absolutely stoked to have our little piece on his back window. Hopefully yall can give him a follow and let us know if you know of any other Average Squad members up in Canada! 

Check out a few more detail shots below, and if you missed our first and second spotlights from Importfest they're here for the viewing too.

See you next time!