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Average Squad Garage: James Campbell's 10th Anniversary Mazda Miata

New year, same us. We are starting up an Average Squad Garage series for 2019 to show off some of our own projects. They won’t be show cars, but we are pretty proud of them. Hopefully, you’ll dig our vibe.

The 10th Anniversary Miata was pretty special, wearing a unique coat of Sapphire Blue Mica, blue accented interior pieces, and a host of performance upgrades to the powertrain and suspension. It’s rare these days to see a special edition with this many touches, when most automakers these days limit them to special badging and another tame color option.

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The biggest change to the exterior is the set of bronze Volk TE37V wheels. While they are a more recent design, they work perfectly with any vintage Japanese car.

Inside, the interior retains much of the unique treatment from Mazda. Although the industry has largely moved away from blue interiors, we’d love to see them make a return.

Is there another car of ours that you’d like to see featured on the Average Squad Garage? Leave us a comment and we’ll make it happen!