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RADwood LA Spotlight: Michael's '93 E36

On my travels out to California with Andy, I found myself in the presence of one of my favorite cars I’ve run across on Instagram (which is saying something as I scroll through the couple hundreds of car and auto shop accounts I follow).

Michael won best in show back at RADwood 2 in Anaheim where he debuted this Jagermeister DTM-inspired setup and ever since I’ve been itching to grab a couple photos of my own to share with everyone.

While it’s an absolute joy to look at and walk around - the fresh BBS RE686s certainly don’t hurt - the best thing may be that this car gets used, tracked, and tossed around just as it’s creators intended when it rolled off the factory line.

One of these days I’ll have to trek up to Laguna Seca and take some proper photos on and off-track, but until then feel free to drool over these as much as you’d like. Hope you enjoyed!