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Average Squad Garage: A Trip to Bond Swamp

We don’t really have anywhere to do overland stuff in Middle Georgia. Any vast tracts of land are generally heavily wooded or privately owned, so off-road adventures are generally limited to muddin’ in empty construction sites, or blasting through the woods and destroying any semblance of a well-maintained exterior. Besides that, of course, I have 2WD S10, which is about as useful off-road as a rented Camry. Nevertheless, when you fall in love with the Instagram off-road aesthetic, you just have to fake it till you make it.

Bond Swamp is largely a forgotten step-child of Macon’s outdoor options, and perhaps the idea of visiting a swamp wouldn’t necessarily be at the top of most people’s lists anyway. That being being said, it’s generally relatively people-free, so it makes for some nice, quiet hikes, even if it isn’t vista heavy.

Although the S10 would probably get stuck in wet grass on a rainy day, the old-school BF Goodrich tires and Rancho shocks certainly looked the part as the truck slipped along the adequately graveled access road.

On this trip, Kirt and I happened upon the Brown’s Mount section of the swamp, a hiking area that had previously alluded us. It sits off of the main road, but actually had a decent sized parking area and a couple miles of additional trails. Although the light was escaping us, we managed to make it up to the highest point of the trail, and were rewarded with a unique view of downtown that we hadn’t seen photographed before.

We don’t all have access to Yellowstone, or Joshua Tree, or the open Utah desert, but that doesn’t mean that a solid afternoon of a little adventure outdoors is beyond our grasp. Look up your local state or community parks, grab your camera, and go make a day of it. Any car can be an adventure-mobile from the right angle, and with the right set of of hash-tags, you’re on your way to being the next #fauverlanding star.

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