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Japanese Classic Car Show 2019

Another year, another JCCS, another excuse to take way too many photos. Unfortunately this year was a solo journey with the rest of the guys staying home in Georgia for the event weekend, but here’s hoping we can team up over the Christmas break to get yall some good Georgia-based content.

With the move down the coast from the Queen Mary to Marina Green Park the show has exploded in size - both in cars and in attendees. While the only figures I could find are 600+ cars and 10,000 attendees in 2018, I feel safe in saying both numbers jumped up in the 15th year of JCCS. For reference, when I headed out around 11:30 AM, there were still 400+ people waiting around the block to get in the door… 2.5 hours after gates opened to the public.

Below are a couple of the first killers from JCCS including a super clean R32 on Sakura Pink Gram Lights 57CRs and a 13B rotary-swapped Datsun 510 that has never gotten old no matter how many times I’ve seen it. Here’s a quick dyno video from 2010 if you’re interested.

Our first spotlight is a build I pretty much know nothing about. It was the first car that really caught my eye after walking around the first small group of cars near the entry gate (all Datsuns). I know for sure it’s a 300ZX Z31 on Wats with a Japanese police livery and real police lights, but beyond that I couldn’t find any info or the owner anywhere online or on Instagram. If you have info, reach out! We’d love to get a proper shoot done next time we’re in California.

A few more favorites including this race-worn Performance Specialties Datsun Roadster, a couple mint 86s, a great ‘84 4WD Tercel wagon, and the killer combo of these ‘81 Starlets - one a widebody on Wats painted an incredibly deep purple and a rich yellow 4A-GE powered one that’s actually based here in Arizona!

Our second “spotlight” are a couple more Zs. I would apologize for shooting so many Nissan/Datsun, but Andy and Lee weren’t here to shoot the Hondas and Toyotas so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A few more frames including my first run-in with a Daihatsu Mira walk-through van courtesy of Leen Customs, GReddy Kenji’s turbo EF right next to the award-winning GReddy Pandem widebody FC3S, and a pair of rad scooters that buzzed past while everyone waited for the gates to open. (They’re also the third photo in the first gallery on the page.)

Our final spotlight is another Datsu… kidding, kidding. It’s actually a pair of great little Toyota Sports 800. With a touch over 3100 made, only about 310 are still around today. Weighing in at only 1260 pounds with a dual-carb 800cc motor under it’s hood, I’d kill to drive one and/or shoot it. Gorgeous works of art, really.

If you’re interested, here’s a great Petrolicious video on these.

And with that it’s all over. We’ll definitely try shooting more - and more variety - next time out but until then I hope you enjoyed this Nissan-heavy taste of JCCS 2019!