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The Collector: Chris Horne's 1990 Eunos Roadster

Photography: Shaun King | Words: Andy Carter

Yeah, I know, another Miata. We’ve jokingly been called “Macon Miatas” before, and with most of the OG Average Squad dudes owning one, that’s probably fair. We won’t get into the defense of a cheap, RWD, infinitely customizable sports car, but we are going to keep showing off the cool ones. The genesis of Miata fandom in our world can be traced back to Chris Horne. Chris was a bit of a Miata hoarder, always buying and selling cars to part out or flip, but also would always be available to help out on an installation or repair. Formerly a Central Georgia resident, Chris now resides across the Atlantic in England, but his obsession with all things Miata still shines bright.


This 1990 Eunos Roadster is actually his wife Christina’s car. Chris and Christina have been slowing bringing this car together over the past several years, creating what is essentially a catalog build for Chris’ rare vintage Miata parts side hustle Vintage Driver Parts. One could believe that he has a direct line to Yahoo Auctions, obsessively acquiring every type of Miata-related merchandise from the 30 year history of the brand. From keys, to steering wheels, to playing card decks, Chris is the go-to-guy for rare Miata paraphernalia.


Chris’s mod list is extensive to say the least. On the outside, the S2 Racing Clubman front end, Zoom Elan rear bumper, and Garage Vary taillight panel set the car apart from the everyday Roadster, without completely abandoning the car’s original design. A Mazdaspeed hard-top add a few extra curves, accentuated by the Project M ducktail spoiler on the trunk. Chris had the whole car repainted in custom Volkswagen Monza Blue paint completing the perfectly rad tones.


Never content to be a show queen, Chris has outfitted the Eunos with a Kraken TD04 turbo setup that employs a host of supporting rare ARC engine parts.


As a collector and reseller, Chris’s collection of unique goodies does not disappoint. He has sourced Sev Marchel headlight housings, Sickspeed clear taillights, Bomex mirrors, and a ton of other parts to complete the car. Despite keeping the nosiest mod-list snob on their toes, the car is cohesive and flows together. The interior delivers as well with plenty of parts from Zoom, KG Works, RevLimiter, and Jass Performance. Chris’ personal favorite is the Road Kids gated shifter plate, a ridiculously rare part from Japan.


Personally, I think the coolest part of Chris’s enthusiasm is how infectious it has been to the community. His obsession has inspired many others, including myself, to get into the Miata scene and enjoy it. But this isn’t a commercial for Miatas, and we certainly aren’t trying to sell any of ours. But I think that we can all aspire to build community in the way that Chris has. Gatekeeping has no place in the automotive landscape today. Instead, figure out a way to inspire other folks’ enjoyment in the scene. You may end up making a few friends, and if nothing else, you can sell them rare parts for a little more than you paid for them on Yahoo Auctions.