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The JDM Duo: James' EF Civic and S13

Way back when, when I was just starting out taking photos of cars - with friends after work, on weekends before ramen, before I had any real gear or publishing outlets - I shot a set with James Ingram and his Grauschwars grey EF hatch. Side note: for some reason, this shoot on a foggy morning atop Glendora Mountain Road has been stolen and reposted more times than than any other photos I’ve taken.

We’ve linked up for photos of that civic a couple more times, his S13 back when it was still on SSR MKI’s, and now I’ve linked up once again to get a few shots of his new EF and the next version of his 240.

While the hatch shows a little wear and tear here and there, everything else is pretty much new. From the bushings and bolts through the brake system and powertrain, almost everything has been replaced or refurbished and “intended to last 20+ years while having a lil fun.” With a freshly rebuilt D16Y8 and Si transmission under the hood, Godspeed coilovers on all four corners, and Si hubcaps, the whole car feels very fun-yet-reliable and period correct - definitely RADwood material.

The HKS exhaust out back is a nice touch and sounds great, but not enough to get hassled too often by California police. For all the other parts and pieces on this car, we’ll throw a list down at the bottom of the page if parts lists are your thing.

Inside, a simple Recaro drive seat, Personal Grinta wheel out of the EF at the top of the page, and an ASR dog bone shifter topped with a K20Mart knob, it’s pretty no-frills but not exactly spartan either.

Of course we had to grab a couple shots of both builds together, because it’s not often we have an extra driver and both cars running and washed all at once. Thanks again Daryk!

Moving over to the 240, it’s had a couple updates since we last met. Gone is the original 4-lug setup and SSR MKIs; a 5-lug setup and Wedsport TC105Xs takes their place. The next most obvious change is an OEM Type X front fascia with a DorkiDori lip replacing the old Instant Gentleman replica nose - a welcome change that makes the car feel completely different.

Performance-wise, tons of steering and suspension components have been replaced, none of which could be photographed unfortunately, but definitely check the parts list if you’re curious. Inside not much has changed except for the addition of a radio and Silvia key to replace the old black oval OEM key blank.

James has slowly but surely molded both of these cars into a couple loveable JDM builds and we hope he doesn’t stop any time soon. Neither is crazy boosted, cut up, widebodied, or slammed on low offset wheels, and that’s A-OK! As more people split between show cars that can get stuck on a flat surface or track builds that need earplugs and a gallon of water for the driver to not go deaf and dehydrate, it’s nice to see a couple of well done daily-driveable builds grace our pages. Here’s to more in the future!

Civic Parts List

Rebuilt D16Y8, rebuilt Si Transmission, Aem fuel rail, Radium fuel pressure gauge, AEM fuel pump, New OEM fuel tank, sending unit, straps, and tank bolts, AEM intake, DC sports header, HKS exhaust, Monotech engine harness, Runhard battery kit and ground cable, Godspeed Mono Max coilovers, Godspeed rear lower control arm, PCI rear toe arms, DA front spindle and rear trailing arms, DA brakes, PCI driver's seat bracket, Recaro driver's seat, Personal Grinta wheel from my old car, ASR dog bone shifter, K20Mart shift knob, Si hubcaps

New 240SX Parts

SPL suspension upgrade all around: Traction arms, tension rods, toe arms, camber arms, Tanabe sway bars with GKTech end links, GKTech extended diff cover in hot pink, a radio, Complete OEM kouki Type X front bumper upgrade DorkiDori kouki lip, Project Kics R40 lug nuts, 17x9 +10 WedsSport TC105X in Titan finish, Yokohama Advan A048 in 235/45/R17