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Back in Black: Mark's 2JZ S13

Back in 2016, I got to shoot with Mark who was then getting ready to part out his multicolored Miata. Fast-forward a couple years and I keep seeing this black S13 he posts on Instagram every once in a while. During my last trip out to California I finally got a chance to grab some photos and man, was this car even cooler than I thought while scrolling through Instagram.

We met up at his house while the rain rolled in - thankfully it held off for almost our entire shoot - and drove over to this incredible mural by Ten Hundred. Mark scraped up the entrance ramp and we were off and shooting!

The first thing I noticed was just how docile the car sounds while cruising around town. With California up in arms over exhaust noise and “street racers”, it’s bold to straight-pipe a 2JZ-GTE swap - but here we are. That being said, until Mark buries his foot in the floor you wouldn’t know any better. The whole setup is running on stock boost - still enough to easily outrun my Honda Fit as we were driving around town - and more than enough to reliably get sideways as intended.

For the curious, the pool noodle was found as the best solution to the nose sagging on the tubed front end and bash bar - it ain’t dumb if it works!

Moving around front, we’re greeted by a GT1 front bumper, Fineline Tuning 55mm fenders (also on the rear), and a full assortment of decals.

The side and rear feature BN side skirts and a rear bumper, both finished off with custom hand-crafted splitters Mark drafted and made himself. The DMax roof and deck spoilers create a cohesive finish to the roof- and shoulder-lines of the car while a Silvia key lock and rocket launcher-esque exhaust are like sprinkles on the cake.

The wheel setup consists of a set of Gram Lights 57CRs (17x9 +15 F and 18x10.5 +15 R) but in-photo are mismatched Advan GT drift-spare rears.

Inside the style continues, even if it’s much more spartan the the exterior. The bright red Bride seat, NRG harness, 6-point roll cage, and ASD hydro e-brake are all business, but look good doing it.

Keep and eye out because we’ll definitely have to make a trip back out to get some photos with Mark shredding a track or street somewhere, but until then we hope you’ve enjoyed!

Parts List

  • Engine

    • 2JZGTE Twin Turbo

    • CX Racing engine mount kit

    • Mid-mount intercooler

    • R154 transmission

    • Custom straight pipe exhaust

    • Custom rear fuel cell and pump setup

    • Tubed front end

  • Interior

    • 6 point roll cage

    • Bride seat

    • NRG harnesses

    • Garage Star seat rails

    • Blitz gauges

    • ASD hydraulic E-brake

    • Odyssey battery

  • Suspension/Wheels

    • PBM coilovers 12k/5k

    • SPL Parts full suspension

    • PBM dual rear caliper

    • Rivalautoworks angle Kit

    • Voodoo tension rods

    • Gram Lights 57CR 17x9+15 / 18x10.5 +15

    • Advan GT 18x10.5 +15 drift spares

    • Federal 595RSRR’s

    • ATS 2-Way differential

  • Exterior

    • GT1 front bumper

    • BN side skirts and rear bumper

    • GKTech mirrors

    • Custom splitters

    • Dmax eear spoiler and roof wing

    • Streetfaction front & rear bash bar

    • LED tail lights

    • Silvia key lock

    • Fineline Tuning front and rear 55mm fenders