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The Wee Yee

According to the calendar, summer’s over. Sorry to hit you with that on a Friday, but if we're lucky, that might mean some cooler weather for us here in the South, so we can at least look forward to that. That being said, we wanted to show y’all what just might be the best summertime cruiser we’ve seen in awhile.


Our friend Josh DiVirgilio, of Jacksonville-based Nippon Imports, hit us up a few weeks ago about shooting his recently imported and modified Mitsubishi Minicab kei truck. Now, don’t get us wrong, we certainly love goofy Japanese stuff, but their innate simplicity often sorta leads to a “seen one, seen ‘em all” sorta feeling. Josh has been importing a ton of these things for the past few years, and selling them as road-worthy alternatives to offroad-only side-by-sides. In most cases, they arrive, he cleans them up, fixes anything that needs to be fixed, and ships them out. But recently, he’s been tinkering with them a little more.


For those of you that aren’t from the Deep South, you may not be familiar with the whole Yee Yee truck thing. Basically, lifted truck, crazy low-offset chrome wheels, tons of LEDs, and stretched all-terrain tires. Is it our jam? Maybe not. But it’s a thing, people love it, and it’s certainly a look. More power to them. In the North Florida/South Georgia area, this look is huge. It’s THE thing to do to a late model pick-up. So Josh says, hey, why not do the same thing to these little kei trucks?


Once the truck was taken care of mechanically, Josh fixed this little Mitsubishi up with a coat of paint, some wheels and tires borrowed from the side-by-side aftermarket parts bin, and some rad little LED headlights that he angled to give it a little bosuzuku flair. The whole thing just works. Showing up for a beach day in this little guy sounds like a dang trip, with Florida-Georgia Line blasting out of the tiny 25 year old speakers.


Granted, every story doesn’t need a lesson, but maybe just remember to have fun with cars. The taste-makers and gate-keepers of modern automotive culture have their opinions, and they blast them everywhere, expecting everyone to fall in line or be canceled. As we head into Fall, let’s all just relax. If someone wants to bag another Lamborghini and screw on widebody fenders, maybe that OK. If someone pays $20,000 to swap a 30 year old engine into a new Supra, just smile and let it go. If a dude stretches Nitto Mud Tires on a 24x12 chrome wheel, give ‘em a hearty Yee Yee and a big thumbs up. We’ve got more options than ever, and that’s something to be happy about.