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A Shot at an Aston Martin

Yeah, I know. “Why is there an Aston Martin on Average Squad?” While we usually tend to gravitate towards underappreciated Japanese and American cars, we aren’t blind. Aston Martin makes beautiful cars with incredible powertrains. We’re car guys through and through, and this DB9 checks a LOT of boxes. “But still,” you say, “Why do I need to read about it here. I’ve already seen this episode of ‘Quirks and Features’.” To answer that, we have to consider the owner and the story of the car. Chuck Boulware is a normal dude. He works 9-5 as an engineer, lives in a normal house in a good neighborhood, and has traditionally driven cool, but ultimately normal, cars. Through a series of situations, however, that started with selling Diesel-Gate cars back to VW, Chuck now owns and drives a V12 6-speed 2007 Aston Martin DB9.


First, a refresher on the car. The DB9 was released in 2004, and uses a 5.9L V12 that makes 450hp and and 420 ft-lbs of torque. Zero to 60 takes 4.7 seconds. This car is equipped with a 6-speed manual, sharing its gearbox with the contemporary R8 and Gallardo. It’s stupid good. The interior of the car is as you’d expect, lots of leather and aluminum, and the level of electronics that you’d expect from a 2007 British GT. Think early push-start and CD changer in the trunk. Really, all you need to know is that it sounds like this.


So why is this car on this site? Well, Chuck purchased this car totaled from auction. The car had been in a front end collision that left with with enough cosmetic damage that the insurance company deemed it too expensive to repair. Chuck bought the car, sourced parts himself, fixed what he could in his own shop, and had it painted. The result is what you see here. Without getting into exact pricing, lets just say that all in, Chuck’s in S550 Mustang GT territory.


We’ve all done this. We see a V12 Mercedes for $12k, and ask, “Just how long would it take to regret this?”. What’s the tipping point where the cost of ownership outweighs the the joy of ownership? It’s easy to wave away a $100k Aston Martin because its inaccessible. But what if it was an Aston Martin or a Mustang GT? What if its a 6-speed V12 or Civic Type R? Granted the car isn’t Chuck’s daily, but his experience has been good so far. His biggest gripe has been sourcing interior parts, but that doesn’t keep him from driving the car.


We sell a sticker with the slogan “Best of the Worst. Worst of the Best”. Do we love a perfectly pristine Isuzu Diesel P’Up? Are we getting out our camera for Yugo? Absolutely. But what about the other side of the coin? Are we here for a salvage title Aston Martin V12? For me, yeah, I think so. To be clear, Chuck has done an incredible job restoring this car. It isn’t the “worst” of anything. But this is an incredible vehicle that was accessible to a person that usually wouldn’t have a shot at this type of ownership experience. This wasn’t a pick it up and drop it off at the shop job. There were no blank checks involved. Chuck put in the research, put in the hours of wrenching, and now he’s got a heck of car. And that’s why you are looking at an Aston Martin on Average Squad.