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Black, White, and Rad All Over: Mike's Model A at SEMA

Shooting at cars shows is almost always less than ideal. The close quarters, litany of reflections and shadows, and people walking through the foreground and background make grabbing good photos a task. That being said, the Stanceworks Model A was worth every second of adjusting exposures and waiting for blissfully unaware attendees to pass on by.

While this car will undoubtedly be shot many times over by Mike, Speedhunters, and whoever else, getting the opportunity to take some time away from the hustle and bustle of SEMA and soak in the details in person was an absolute joy.

The ugly mix of convention center lighting and blue hues coming off a neighboring booth made the jump to black and white for this spotlight an easy one, but the forms of the Model A sealed the deal. The angles, edges, textures, and pretty much everything else seem to thrive in monochrome.

Check out the gallery below, and keep an eye out for all the great photo shoots this truck has in it’s future, it’ll deserve every one. (P.S. make sure to check out some of what into this build at the SW YouTube channel here).