Average Squad
Good cars, better photos, best friends.




It's about time we've stepped into something with a little more room than Facebook comments and a little more resolution than Instagram posts. Average Squad has always been just a bunch of friends that love cars and good photography, and now we get to bring it to you in HD and accompanied by more than a simple box logo to slap on your car.

It's incredible to see shirts ship to overseas addresses and it's just as rad to be tagged in posts from across the US, so we felt it was about time to build a home base on the internet for galleries from car shows, features with cars and bikes we find interesting, and to cover travels to stuff like Japan, the Japanese Classic Car Show, SEMA, and whatever else we can get ourselves into. We'll of course still have our Instagram and podcast, Autoholics Anonymous, but this site will have everything in one place.

We'll keep this short, like most of writeups will be, but thanks for being here, thanks for the support, and thanks for appreciating the under-appreciated with us.

(P.S. - Here's a huge thanks to our supportive wives and girlfriends, dogs of past, present, and future, and reliable camera gear for allowing us to get this far. We couldn't have modeled apparel, been told "that design is only cool to you", or been motivated to keep on keepin' on without you. Y'all the dang best!)